2024 Artists

“Woori 2024 Festival: Weaving a Sustainable Future in Wa, Ghana”

The Nubuke Foundation Centre for Textiles and Clay proudly presents the Woori 2024 Festival, celebrating Ghanaian weaving traditions from March 1st to 3rd under the theme “Weaving a Sustainable Future for the Next Generation.”

The festival showcases traditional and contemporary weaving techniques through workshops led by master weavers from Nadowli, Nandom, and Wa Methodist School for the Blind. Live demonstrations offer firsthand experiences of Ghanaian textile creation, while youth-friendly activities ensure engagement.

An art exhibition features diverse woven fabric and textile designs, alongside works by contemporary Ghanaian artists like Isaac Opoku and Patrick Tagoe-Turkson. Panel discussions explore weaving’s cultural identity and sustainable development. Evening sessions include cultural performances, mu-sic, dance, film screenings, and spoken word poetry by artists such as Wiyaala and Kparisaga Bawaa Group. As part of the festival, attendees can tour historic sites and weaving centres in Wa to support local artisans. Woori Festival 2024 is more than a celebration; it’s a platform for dialogue, learning, and inspiration.

Join us in Wa to experience the beauty and diversity of Ghanaian textile art. The Nubuke Foundation expresses gratitude to sponsors, including The Waa Naa, Loho Naa, The Centre for National Culture, and the local community of Wa.

Senyati Koach
Amelia Cherbu
Edmund Anyebuno
Muzeyi Yelyen 
Kwaku ‘Reez’ Opoku
Rafael Kouto
Patrick Tagoe-Turkson
Katesi Kalange
Evonne Opoku
Rebecca De Marchi

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