ACP-EU Culture Program: Support For Cultural And Creative Sectors In West Africa (2021-2024)

Dive into a selection of work we’ve been able to develop as beneficiaries of The AWA consortium’s creative and cultural support. 

ACP-EU Culture Programme 

Nubuke Foundation was awarded the 2021-2024 ACP-EU Culture Programme: Support for Cultural and Creative Sectors in West Africa grant for its project titled ‘Artsbridge’. Broadly, Nubuke’s project touches on the creation or production of quality goods and services and access to markets axes of the program. The main beneficiaries of the program are weaving collectives operating in three selected towns in the Upper West region of Ghana (Nadowli, Nandom, and Wa). In addition, the project seeks to instigate collaborations between fabric users and weavers through the annual Woori Festival.

Some of the activities that have been concluded under the grant are setting up work plan, researching and listing of weaving collectives and cultural heritage, organising the Woori festival and building a web platform. The AWA (Art West Africa) consortium comprising the Koré Centre in Ségou, Mali and Institut Francaise administer the programme.


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