Woori 2021

The Woori festival is an opportunity to showcase intergenerational indigenous knowledge and interventions that have occurred within the fields of weaving and pottery.

2021 Artists
The Maiden Edition of the Woori Weaving Festival of Wa took place at the Nubuke Foundation Textile and Clay Centre in Loho near Wa from 26-28 February 2021. The festival spotlighted different weaving designs, new examples of patterns from workshops and artists’ experimentations. The festival also included contemporary art from the studios of artists who adopt fibre and textiles in their practice. The works of contemporary artists such as Michael Jackson Blebo, Na Chainkua Reindorf, Esther Ofosu, Edward Lamptey, and Winfred Nana Amoah were displayed.

Michael Jackson Blebo
Na Chainkua Reindorf
Esther Ofosu
Edward Lamptey
Winifred Nana Amoah

Woori brings researchers, artists, and creative people together. People who wish to explore the multifacetedness of synesthetic perceptions. To tease out and showcase the synergies and connections with visual, sound, textures, shapes, and performance art that the artists can create within these creative forms.

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