Evonne Opoku

Evonne Opoku (@e2thev) is a lawyer and creative entrepreneur with a passion for art, culture and community. She is a graduate of Temple University and the University of Maryland School of Law in the USA, and has worked to protect the rights of people with disabilities, artists, and small business owners.  With familial roots in Bonwire, the home of Ashanti kente cloth, Evonne grew up surrounded by African craftsmanship. In 2018, Evonne and her sister Erika started Afrothreads, a company dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic African fabrics. The sisters design, sew and craft unique products that highlight the beauty, versatility, and cultural significance of different materials.  Evonne aims to combine her legal and creative background to bring awareness not only to traditional African textiles, but also to the ways art can advance economic justice for Black creators worldwide. She has spent the past 10 months in Accra, collaborating with local artisans and taking classes at the Ghana School of Law. She is excited to return to Wa after attending the first annual Woori Festival in 2022, and plans to work with smock fabric weavers, students from the School of the Deaf, and other artists to design products that can be appreciated worldwide.
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