Katesi Kalange

I am Katesi Jacqueline Kalange, a 27-year-old, female, process based visual artist from Uganda. I hold a master’s degree in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University, Uganda. My work weaves together sculpture, architecture, installation and performance art. Drawing deeply from African indigenous wisdom, I am fascinated by its historical role in nurturing harmonious coexistence among humans and other beings within shared ecosystems. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 11 that advocate for climate action, and sustainable cities and communities respectively, my artistic journey is interwoven with community-driven collaborations. I strive to spark public conversations about the intricate interplay between humans and their environment. Amid Uganda's pressing waste management concerns, especially the proliferation of non-biodegradable materials like plastics and second-hand clothes, my art pivots towards recycling and upcycling inspired by indigenous weaving techniques. In today's swiftly changing world, where modernity often overshadows traditional wisdom, our existence and that of other life forms confront unparalleled challenges. My artworks transcend visual appeal and become archives of ancestral knowledge, reigniting appreciation of the principles and values that facilitated our ancestors' harmonious coexistence with other beings. By skillfully reimagining the profound interconnectedness our predecessors shared with the environment, my creations invite contemplation on unlearning prevailing views that treat nature as mere exploitable resources. My art seeks to realign such perspectives with reverence for all life forms through echoing indigenous knowledge as a cornerstone from which to propel technological progress and other advancements within our contemporary society.

Selected Work
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