Latifah Iddriss

By contradiction ‘truth’ is compelled to present a spectrum. The nature of a thing, by its intention, or action is set to the context of the environment it draws on. By the range of variables that imprint on our awareness and culture – home, community, place, society, nature – truth, while anchored at the core fringes out, tapping into nebulous spheres where one thing easily runs into, or parallel the other, splitting, contrasting and uniting. Here, harmony turns on contrast, art slips into design, ugliness frames beauty, despair condenses into hope, and action sets memory – history. I’m intrigued by consciousness concerning how it frames our lives; by the outward – nature, environment, body, and the inward – mind, presence, consciousness, venting through layers that activate an elemental process; which engages form, light, material ... Imprinting design on practice entrenches the exploration of ‘matter’ beyond inspiration, extending the sense of work into conversations on circularity, exploring ideas under a concern for consumption and sustainability – in fulfilling ecological responsibility. Anchored yet untethered, themes spiral in a manner where one thing loops into the other; iterating, and delving through the iridescence of matter and perspective in a search probing towards the core.
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Nubuke Foundation, Wa 2024