Senyati Koach

Koakh Senyati (b.1997) is a self-taught artist well known for his interesting approach to painting on wood. His artistic journey was inspired through a father-son tutelage which involved a four-year collaboration with his father Frederick Oko Matey, a renowned Ghanaian sculptor. Senyati’s initial apprenticeship has seen him embrace an artistic path marked by his passion for merging painting and sculpture. This passion led to profound personal growth and creative exploration in unconventional materials and painting techniques. Senyati's primary medium, wood, particularly mansonia and other resilient hardwoods, speaks to his deep appreciation for natural materials. His works, characterised by their timeless elegance, reflect a deep symbiotic relationship between the artist and his chosen materials and medium of expression. Apart from the textured geometric strips, colourful paint drips and abstract geometric shapes which dominate Senyati’s works, there is a clear manifestation of an imaginative and creative mind at play. The tools he employs produces the maze-like quality and intricate designs which bears a striking similarity to textured fabric patterns and an aerial view of a cityscape on a colourful map. Demonstrating his flexibility in experimenting with both medium and materials, he seamlessly incorporates unconventional materials into his art, including metal screws, bolts, nuts and recycled plastic screens from LED televisions, which allows him to develop unique visual narratives imbued with creative thinking and innovation. Beyond the rich aesthetics of his compositions on wood, his works delve into themes of authority, complexity and the unseen, inviting viewers to look beyond the colour lines, patterns, shapes, crevices, grooves and abstract forms to uncover the stories of each piece. His work not only challenges perceptions but also positions Koakh Senyati as an emerging artist of significant interest in the contemporary art world. Every piece he sculpts and paints is an on-going dialogue, not just with the observer but with the broader issues of waste, sustainability, social connections and our relationship with the environment.
Selected Work

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