Seduced By The Charms of A Mistake

18.12.2021 –– 22.03.2022

    Al Hassan Issah’s works extend the idea of painting. They interrogate paintings beyond their pictureness and flatness. Using painting as an entry point, the works extend and collapse into the realms of design, sculpture, architecture, metalmaking and the like. What could painting be? What is the potential of painting to both redeem its blind spots and to expand on its vision? How could painting engineer other things? 
    The exhibition title is an allusion to Late Night Jazz’s 2019 music off the 1,000 Choices Can't Be Wrong album. Among other things, two points stand out. The electronic beat seems like a collage of soundscape taken from different spaces. It feels as though you might have encountered strands of the sound somewhere. In the background, the emerging sound is like something is being cut with an industrial machine. It flashes and vanishes. Then almost 3 minutes into the music, the background and foreground merge and a flute-like sound starts and files the listener out of the piece.

Installation Views
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Nubuke Foundation, Wa 2024