7 May 2022 – 5 June 2022

The Last of The Romanticists

Nerissa Brobbey
Nerissa Brobbey was born in Accra, Ghana to Ghanaian and Romanian parents. Nerissa started painting at the age of three years old when her father noticed her drawing constantly with the paper from his typewriter. She was the youngest art student enrolled at the Children's Club in Bucharest, Romania and, under the mentorship of Romanian artist Mariana Palea, she began painting in oil on canvas at the age of five.

She has had exhibitions in Romania, Ghana and USA as a child and as a marketing student.

Nerissa studied Economics and French at Bates College, Maine, USA and International Marketing at Hult International Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. While at Bates, she studied abroad in France, Scotland, Hungary, Turkey and the Czech Republic and during this time she also traveled to Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and Austria. She currently works in project management at the French multinational advertising agency Publicis West Africa.

In parallel she has continued to paint as a hobby. Upon the last count, there are about 400 works of art made by her at her residence and 31 have been chosen as part of this exhibition.

This exhibition is dedicated in loving memory to her father, Cardiologist, Dr Jacob Asare Brobbey, who would have loved to be here.

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