As part of the work at The Nubuke Foundation Centre for Clay and Textiles in WA, we visited eleven (11) sites in Nadowli, 3 in Nandom, and 6 in Wa. We documented them to create a map of these sites as Tourist destinations and for developing other multimedia features based on the history and culture of these towns.

The sites we visited are:

Sankana Caves
Ombo Mountains
The Falantan Anthills
Duong Bone Setting Clinic
Paala Golo Pie
George Zangnaah The Gure Porcupine Sanctuary

The Royal Mausoleum
St. Theresa’s Minor Basilica
Babile Market
The Pakor Tang
Wa Naa's Palace
George E. Ferguson Tomb
Nakore Mosque
Weichau Community Hippo Sanctuary
Wa Market

Sankana Caves

Sankana is about 19 km away from Wa, the Upper West regional capital city. The village is surrounded by a network of caves that span four square kilometers. Historically, Sankana warriors used the caves as a defensive mechanism against slave raiders, notably Samori and Babatu. The chief instituted the Feok Festival in remembrance of one of Sankana’s victories over slave raiders. It is celebrated every December.

The Experience
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