Weaving Collectives

The collectives of weavers and clay potters from Nadowli and Nambeg worked with Kofi Setordji in 'unpacking' their knowledge of the traditional artistic practice. Through several iterations of learning and unlearning have evolved many delightful creations and products.

The collectives are:

Ghana Modern Traditional Weavers Association
Modern Traditional Weavers Association
Tietaa Weavers Association

Modern Traditional Cloth Weavers Association

Year of Establishment

Modern Traditional Cloth Weavers Association (MTCWA), Nadowli

January 2009

120 Members

The Modern Traditional Cloth Weavers Association (MTCWA), Nadowli was initiated by five (5) weavers in Nadowli in 2009. The group is registered with the District Assembly and with the Registrar Generals Department. In addition, they are registered with the Ghana Enterprise Agency. The group comprises members from Sombo, Sankana, Kyerekpong, Takpo, Dafiama, Sombo, Serekprere, Kalsegraa, and Dapuori among others.


Vice President
Vice Secretary
Financial Secretary
Vice Treasurer

Rosemary Kavinang
Abigail Kuusang
Joyce Dassah
Florence Kpieogyi
Solomon Yendau
Theresa Dinye
Mary Magadalene Dabuo
Mogtari Seidu

To organise fairs, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars for members

To secure the greatest measure of cooperation with local and foreign organisations

To alleviate poverty and assist one another in times of difficulties

To pool resources and exchange ideas and experiences

To work for the recognition as partners by the authorities
To bring together under one umbrella all producers of woven fabrics.

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