Weaving Collectives

The collectives of weavers and clay potters from Nadowli and Nambeg worked with Kofi Setordji in 'unpacking' their knowledge of the traditional artistic practice. Through several iterations of learning and unlearning have evolved many delightful creations and products.

The collectives are:

Ghana Modern Traditional Weavers Association
Modern Traditional Weavers Association
Tietaa Weavers Association

Tietaa Weavers Association

Year of Establishment

Tietaa Weavers Association

January 1993

56 Members

Tietaa Weavers Association is a collective of weavers in the Nandom municipality. The group was started by the FIC Brothers in Nandom. The formation of the group stemmed from a peculiar challenge that the weavers in Nandom faced which had to do with access to yarns. At the time, the FIC Brothers were providing inputs for other artisans such as masons, welders and carpenters. The weavers therefore appealed to the FIC Brothers to be included in the programme. The association was therefore formed in order for the women to access the support.


Vice President
Vice Secretary
Vice Treasurer

Cordelia Sangber Der
Emma Pobekuu
Anna Dakurah
Ophelia Piito
Benedict Naaeke
Eugenia Yengbelang

To help members acquire credit/loans for business.
To help members acquire key inputs such as yarns at subsidised prices.

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