AFROSCOPE (Isaac Nana Opoku) has been practicing as a creative professional for over a decade, working as a multidisciplinary artist and designer, and as a social entrepreneur.

In his work he explores a range of themes including decolonization, oneness, information overload, and most recently the concept of deep adaptation. He engages with these topics in very experimental and speculative ways, and utilizes both digital technologies and traditional analog mediums in his process.

Community and collaboration are also core aspects of his practice: He is a part of various creative teams and cultural organizations, and also works closely with indigenous artisans across Ghana. He has also worked with brands like Apple and Adobe, and has cofounded impact organizations such as House of Stole, Cocoa360 and Small Hype.

AFROSCOPE represented Ghana at the Venice Biennale (April 2022), has shown work at 1-54 London (October 2023), at Museum Ostwall in Dortmund (December 2021), at the 21st Century Museum Kanazawa (November 2023), and in several other exhibitions as well.


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