Ransford Anane

Ransford Anane (born in 1990, in Kumasi, Ghana) is an artist working with various mediums including wax, fabrics and ice. His artistic practice takes new approaches to standard design processes as a way of raising tension between measures of failure and success. The transition of fabrics from flat surfaces to various forms makes variability and impermanence a tool in his works. Gazing at the batik, and tie-dye processes, his solo exhibition Part of a Failed Success (2018) was informed by nostalgia, self-awareness and intuitions inspiration to challenge the orthodox. The Kaleidoscopic nature of his works shown in the group exhibition Space to Space (2018) defied what would traditionally be expected of a batik and tie-dye. He has served as an intern at Perfocraze International Artist Residency (pIAR).

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